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Why Use Floor Plans To Market Your Property

Selling property is considered by many to be an art form, and it is, the most important part is the marketing campaign, this gets people through the doors, adding a professional floor plan to your marketing campaign will get more potential buyers to your open homes.

Online surveys have recently showed that whilst great photos were a big draw for buyers one of the other key elements was online floor plans which aided people in understanding the layout of the property; this is something that cannot be achieved from photos alone.

It is also advantageous to have a printed floor plan available to hand out at open homes, this extra information can be critical in the decision making process of the buyer, after all a typical house hunter only gets the weekends to view open homes and may view six or more properties, that’s a lot to take in and buyers refer back to the information given to them at the open homes.

Agents in our capital cities are readily using floor plans to bridge the gap to help move the market forward but here on the Gold Coast there is only a few agents using them selectively in there listings, are they missing out? Buyer’s indications are saying yes!

The main trick with a floor plan is to show a clear crisp clarity which is easy to understand, a scanned in architects plan is the exact opposite as this shows too much information which is confusing and frustrating to understand, the balance has to be right.

Not all properties are the same, and it is important to showcase all of the best features, I recently came across a house where the exterior grounds were so beautiful it would have been wrong to have not included this picturesque oasis on the floor plan, as you can imagine the property sold quickly.

With floor plans in your marketing strategy you can expect to have a far greater flow of potential buyers at your open home with the intention of maybe making an offer.