Gold Coast Floor Plans
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Floor Plan Examples

Please hover over small thumbnails to view floor plan examples below:

Black and White Single Level Home With Pool

Colour Single Level Home with Pool

Black and White Double Level Home with Garden Layout

Part Colour Single Level Home with Pool

Black and White Two Level Home With Garden Layout

File Types
As with all types of media we can supply floor plans in the following formats for printing and web usage.
PDF: very sharp with an infinite resolution.
GIF: Small file size suitable for web.
TIFF: Lossless file suitable for print and publishing.
JPG: Compressed file image for photographic images.
PNG: Lossless web file type similar to GIF format.

Floor plan Tailor Made Packages:
We understand the need to be different in a competitive market place, if you wish to have your plans fit in with your style and colour schemes we can help you to achieve this. Choose what you think is important to a successful campaign.